Salmon and Ratatouille

This project was developed while living in Tokyo, Japan. The concept was to demonstrate the ability to cook healthy and exciting food in a typical Japanese kitchen, with its restricted size and the use of only one burner.



It's all about the Blades

It`s all about the blades! In this episode we briefly show some of the Chef`s favorite knives. They include: Gyutou / Chef`s Knive, Usuba / Vegetable Knive, Honesuki / Bonning Knife, Deba Bocho / Fish Knife, Sashimi Bocho / Sashimi Knive

It`s all about Ochazuke

It`s all about Ochazuke. This ideal comfort food blends together rice and tea, along with dashi, nori, senbei and fish to be eaten late night or even early afternoon during the cold winter and early spring season. What makes this dish especially great is that you can include almost anything in it, from left overs to home cooking to fine dining. So grab your favorite tea, some rice and list of ingredients and enjoy a truly great comfort food.

It`s all about White Croaker

It`s all about White Croaker. This inexpensive and versatile fish, which is in season from Spring to early Summer, can be enjoyed in many ways. In this episode the Chef first serves it as sashimi with a refreshing cucumber water. In the second dish he decided to stuff it with fresh herbs and roast it in the oven. two different applications, both equally enjoyable.

It's all about Coq Au Vin / Chicken in Red Wine

Coq Au Vin or in this case, Chicken in Red Wine. This French Bistro dish is healthy, easy to make and you only need one pot to make it. Just chop carrots, onions and mushrooms. Add flour and tomato paste along with chicken stock and plenty of red wine and you are done. In addition you can add bacon at the beginning stage. Serve it with rice, pasta or any of your favorite starches. Make a big bunch and enjoy it many times over.

It`s all about Clafoutis

With cherry season in full bloom, now is a perfect time to make this French classic dessert. Perfect for breakfast or brunch or even a after dinner snack, Clafoutis is an easy dessert to make. We made the classic version with cherry, but you can use any type of fruit. This was filmed in Tokyo, but edited in LA. Hope you enjoy the new look!

It`s all about coconut milk

It`s all about coconut milk.

In this episode the Chef makes Asian Fish Stew and Coconut Creme Brulee. The fish stew or soup, uses any white fish, chilies, fish sauce, lime juice and several other ingredients including- coconut milk and saffron and is served on rice. The Brulee uses coconut milk instead of cream and lime sugar to compliment the Asian influence of this classic desert.

It's all about the Rice Cooker

It`s all about the rice cooker. In this episode we decided to have fun and challenge ourselves to make 3 separate dishes using the rice cooker. The first dish is a Japanese classic - Takikome Gohan. With this rice dish the Chef decided to use konbu and dried shiitake for the dashi, along with chicken and 7 other seasonal ingredients to make this savory rice dish. Then a simple Whole Snapper with rice and sake, mirin and shoyu. This steams the fish and flavors the rice as it cooks. Then for dessert Apple TarteTatin. Sliced apples are seared in butter and sugar then added to the rice cooker with vanilla, flour and eggs. Have fun coming up with different meals that you can cook with your rice cooker and enjoy.

It's all about Kabocha

It`s all about Kabocha. In this episode the Chef prepares an Autumn favorite kabocha. First, he roasts it in the oven and he makes kabocha ravioli with a sage butter sauce and then he serves kabocha puree with seared scallops, sliced chestnuts, roasted kabocha seeds and a dusting of nutmeg. Perfect for a fall dinner or a Thanksgiving substitute.

It's all about Tuna

It`s all about Tuna. In this episode the Chef prepares Tuna three ways. The first is Spicy Tuna Tartare. The fresh Tuna and Avocado are cut into cubes and presented with sliced Cucumbers and topped with Radish Sprouts (Kaiware) and Spicy Tuna Sauce. The second version of Spicy Tuna Tartare is prepared in a fun and beautiful rice less Sushi. The final usage of Tuna is Tuna Tataki, where the Tuna is lightly seared on all sides with a Fresh Wasabi and Sesame Seed Crust.

It's all about Salmon

It`s all about Salmon. In this episode we work with two ways of preparing Salmon. The first is Gravlax and the second is Sushi. The Gravlax is prepared using salt, sugar, sake, citrus zest and fresh cut herbs. Wrapped up and put in the refrigerator overnight. Sliced thin and the Chef serves it with Cucumbers pickled in Sushi vinegar. With Salmon Sushi the rice is prepared with sushi vinegar (sharizu), which is rice vinegar, salt and sugar.