This project shows the simple, yet important steps of making a cup of tea.

Step One - Heat your water to the desired temperature and pour into cups to warm the cups.

Step Two - Add the correct amount of tea to your pot (One scoop per person).

Step Three - Pour the water from the warmed cups into the pot with the tea.

Step Four - Steep.  Steeping time will vary with each tea.

Step Five - Pour tea equally into the cups. For continuity pour a little from each, otherwise one cup will be stronger and darker than the other. Pour out all of the tea.

Step Six - Bang the teapot so the tea leaves will gather at the bottom of the pot. This is important when making your second cup.

Step Seven - Enjoy!  Repeat to make your second cup, omitting Step Six, instead remove tea from pot.

Thanks to Lupicia for the Matcha Kirara Genmaicha and Cha Ginza.