My Least Favorite Restaurants in Tokyo - Havana Cafe

Tokyo is known being the worlds largest city and having an array of restaurants, but I wanted to point some attention to my least favorite places to go to in Tokyo. 

The places I decided on had some things in common. The first is that none of them are Japanese restaurants and the other is that they are very popular places.

havana cafe

The first on my list is - Havana

Havana is a casual Cuban restaurant in the trendy Roppongi area. It does a great lunch and dinner business and the crowd is a mix of young professionals & older salarymen.

I was excited before going to this place, since I really enjoy Cuban coffee and I was looking forward to experience some authentic Cuban cuisine. When I entered I was greeted with the traditional Japanese greeting and then I was offered a seat at the bar. I requested a table, but was told that since I am by myself I must sit at the bar.

Without looking at the menu I asked them what kind of coffee’s did they have and they told me UCC. That’s very typical Japanese coffee and I asked if they have any Cuban coffee and the replied, “Cubans make coffee?” I then knew it was going to be a rough experience. I asked to have the most popular dish on the menu and I received a plate of tacos. Three tacos on store bought tortillas and the meat was flavored with that taco chili powder that you can buy in the grocery store. I then looked at the menu and saw that the entire menu was pseudo Mexican cuisine with the exception of a chicken curry dish, which was the exact same as taco dish, except they used curry powder instead of taco powder. I then asked them if they have anything Cuban at all and they point to the speakers and said, “The music is Cuban too!!” They were playing the Gypsy Kings.