Koban Box in Los Angeles

For those of you who don’t know a Koban Box is a small police box/station. They are located throughout Japan and are often found near intersections, street corners and train stations to give access to people who need assistance from the police. Mostly used for getting directions and to notice police of potential problems, they are also reassuring to Japanese residence that help is nearby if needed.


Recently, I was in the Grove, here in Los Angeles and to my surprise they have stationed in the middle of the shopping center a Koban. With it was a sign that explains what a Koban is and where it came from. I spoke with the police office that was on duty and he told me that they have received a very positive response.


It is interesting to see a typical part of Japanese lifestyle being integrated into American culture and I am curious of its acceptance.  So, if you’re in Los Angeles go by the Grove Shopping Center and check out a part of Japanese culture in LA.