City Market Cuisine


This is the first entry for the blog City Market Cuisine and I want to take a moment to explain our concept. City Market Cuisine is a video blog and blog with two different approaches. 

The first, is all about  the ingredients and the second is all about the preparation. With City Market Cuisine the ingredients are the star and they are given the cinematic respect that they deserve as you are guided visually through the preparation of each ingredient.

As for the preparation, I am often surprised when people tell me the reason they don’t cook more at home is because they don't have a restaurant quality kitchen with the newest appliances.  With City Market Cuisine, I use one burner, a small fry pan, toaster oven, rice cooker and pestle & mortar to create numerous dishes, all inside a small Tokyo apartment.

I hope that after watching our videos, it inspires people to visit their local farmer’s market and bring home great, seasonal ingredients and get cooking.