It's all about Edamame

I decided to start the video food series with edamame as our first ingredient. It’s simple, healthy, delicious and outside Japan it is versatile. Inside Japan, it’s served both hot and cold, in boiled in the pods, sprinkled with chunky sea salt and served with beer. Plain and simple and that’s fine, but you can do so much more with this great bean.


In the video the first example is Edamame Soup. You can make this two ways. A vegetarian version, using konbu dashi or a deeper and slightly smokier version, using Ichiban dashi-made with dried katsuobushi (dried fish shaving) and kombu. It’s topped with a tofu cream that is made by blending tofu and soy milk.

The second dish is pan seared edamame with onions accompanied with a fillet of pan seared salmon. Healthy, full of flavor and quick and easy, it’s  favorite. Salmon, coated with sea salt, cracked black pepper and an optional sesame oil.

Some people believe that edamame should only be eaten from the pod with salt, but I strongly disagree. Why limit yourself, you can treat it like a fava bean. It can be pan-seared, steamed, pureed, your really limited to your culinary imagination.

So if you can get it on the vine, like I was lucky enough to do, or frozen it makes a great addition to go to ingredients.