It's all about Kabocha

This great squash is versatile and delicious and a symbol of the autumn season.

 The most classic way you will find kabocha in Japanese cuisine is in tempura and simmered dishes.  Just roasting it in the oven with a little sea salt is also a great way to enjoy kabocha, but in our episode  of kabocha the chef decided to use it in a ravioli. He incorporates several ingredients including mascarpone cheese to bring out the squashes sweet and creamy flavors. The pasta is then tossed with a simple sage butter and serve immediately.

Next, he makes a kabocha puree that is served with a seared scallop and sliced chestnuts. Then kabocha seeds are roasted and then placed onto of the scallop along with a dusting of nutmeg.

From being a main component in soups, grilling and deep frying or in pasta and even salads the uses of this great seasonal ingredient are limitless.