It's all about New Tsukiji Market

new tsukiji market 1

As I am sure you are aware Tsukiji Market, the world’s largest fish market is planning to move to a new location. There has been some global interest to where it is moving to and since I live a ten minutes walk from the present Tsukiji Market I decided to visit the new location. The Station name is Shijo-Mae which translates to - in front of the market.


new tsukiji market 2

As you can see from the photos this project is in the early stages of preparing the area and expanding the surrounding roads. Shijo-Mae is located on Toyosu Island and has easy access to the highway, waterways and the station. 



The new location is less than two miles from the existing location and the best way to access the new market for travelers would be by the monorail, which is easy to use and has an interesting view of Tokyo.

This will be the third move for the market, which was originally located in Nihonbashi then moved to Tsukiji where it is today.  If you're in the Tokyo area I suggest you visit the market as much as possible, before it moves to the new location. Not only is it a great place to get top quality ingredients, have breakfast or lunch, but also a place of inspiration.