It's all about the Market

One of the great pleasures I have living in Tokyo is going to Tsukiji Market. I actually live in Ginza, which is a short 10 minute walk to the fish market. 

I go to the market twice a week and every time I am surprised, that this chaotic, crowded and exciting market can bring me such joy. 

Recently, the amount of non Japanese tourist has increased dramatically. Some from the states and a lot for Europe. Visiting the market is nice, shopping is much better!

My favorite thing to buy there is the salmon. The picture in this blog shows the salmon I purchased, almost 3 kg of fish for ¥3,000 or less than $30USD. This versatile fish is not only healthy, but delicious and easy to prepare. Tomorrow, I think I’ll stock up from their great assortment of Katsuo Bushi, but that’s another topic. When leaving Japan, Tsukiji is the place I will miss the most.