My Favorite Tea Shop in Tokyo

Cha Ginza is by far, my favorite tea shop in Tokyo and if you live in Tokyo or going to visit it is a must! 

Located in Ginza on a side street from the main 4 chome shopping street, it’s a narrow three storied building nestled between all the skyscrapers and fashion houses of the trendy Ginza area.

As you enter the first floor the staff will great you and the rest is easy. The second floor is for the Sencha set and the third floor is for the Matcha set. They change the menu every month and each tea set starts with a small glass of sake to sip as a palate cleanser then the first pouring of the tea arrives, soon after a confectionary sweet will be served, then your second pouring is served to you. 

The decor of the shop is a great mix of modern and natural textures with floor to ceiling windows facing the street, and it’s easy to relax and enjoy a perfect cup of tea in the heart of the worlds largest city.  Other favorite location is their Tsukiji Market shop that only sells tea to go, but when in the market you should drop by for a cup on the run, but be prepared for the crowds.

I have attached their website and it’s easy to find.

Closed on Mondays and crowded on the weekends.

All for around 500 yen.