So nice, you say it twice?

Shoyu - Soya Sauce                                                                                          There are some things I don’t understand, since my return to America from Japan. Such as, the use of the phrase Kobe meat, which isn’t from Kobe.      Wagyu Meat, which translates to Japanese meat, which isn’t always from Japan and Shoyu soya sauce.

The word Shoyu, in Japanese means soya sauce, so I was puzzled why it appears twice on the bottle’s label. I can only assume that they are implying that it is a Japanese-style soya sauce. In Japan soya sauce is usually labeled in hiragana as        しょうゆ.

I was even more surprised to see a brand of white soya sauce labeled a  白しょうゆ、shiro shoyu and white soya sauce. You get all three!

It’s interesting to me that a product which was labelled soya sauce, which is English, is now being marketed in two languages for the American consumer.

Wagyu and shoyu, are Japanese words that have become common words in America, but without the connection to Japan. Perhaps it sounds better than Japanese-style meat or Japanese-style soya sauce.

Maybe in the future soya sauce will only be labelled as shoyu, similar to edamame and uni.