Tokyo Cult Recipes - Book Review

There is a lot to like about this book! Its massive over 270 pages are filled with tons of recipes and great photos. But what really draws me to this book is it’s a wonderful overview of Tokyo and the Tokyo food culture. 

In the preface, the author Maori Murota explains the need of this book and I couldn’t agree more. She writes that when living outside of Japan many non Japanese have a limited view of Japan’s enormous variety of different cuisine.  When they think of Japanese food, they think of sushi or yakitori or more recently ramen. 

This book is a great reference for someone who desires the ability to cook Japanese food at home. The book includes home comfort food like, agedashi dofu, tsukemono,  onigiri and zosui. It also includes some food that is popular on the streets of Tokyo such as, crepes, chiffon cake, yakitori, teba shichimi and teriyaki chicken burger.

There are so many different recipes after reading this book I am certain that the reader’s perspective of this unique and amazing cuisine will be broadened.

One of the things I liked most was not only the photos of food, but the candid photos of the Tokyo, stores, streets, people and the excitement of the city.

This book covers a large array of Japanese cuisine and it is great for the home cook who loves to explore, learn and fall in love with a great city and its wonderful cuisine.